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MindForYou – Supported Holidays for People with Dementia


MindforYou was founded in September 2014 after personal experience highlighted the challenges of traditional respite for families living with dementia. Our supported 5 day holidays for people living with dementia and their carers offer an alternative. People can relax and enjoy quality time together, and continue to visit new places and meet new people with additional support from our caring and experienced staff. Our questionnaire, face to face meetings and holiday support plans allow us to get to know both of you and fully understand what you want to do on your holiday and the support you may require. Everything is personalised to you, from your meals to your sleeping arrangements and the excursions we do. Come and join us at one of our 13-holiday destinations in England, Scotland and Wales, Become a member of the MindforYou family and maybe like over 55% of our guest you can enjoy two or more holidays a year. See the benefits of a MindforYou holiday together can bring; improved sleep, eating, self-confidence and overall well-being.

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